September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Is Turning 20 Years Old


September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Is Turning 20 Years Old

As we near the twenty-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, millions of Americans still feel the mental and emotional trauma of this overwhelming event. Moreover, 9/11 remains especially difficult for those physically affected by this tragedy. Thousands of people continue to suffer from health issues caused by the release of harmful toxins into the air near Ground Zero. The development of cancer is perhaps the most concerning side-effect of breathing the toxins after the terrorist attacks.

9/11 Victims Compensation Fund


Individuals suffering from 9/11-related diseases may receive compensation from the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. Anyone physically harmed by the terrorist attacks is eligible for this aid even if cancer became evident years after 9/11.

Family members may also receive compensation from this fund if a loved one passed away due to an illness developed as a result of exposure to dangerous toxins at or near Ground Zero. Although the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund began in 2001, it has been continually reactivated and is currently set to provide funds to victims through December 2092.


Who is eligible to receive money from the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund?

Compensation is available for over 70 types of cancer. The Victims Compensation Fund seeks to provide help for people that developed cancer four or more years after 9/11. With regard to exposure of toxins in cases of blood and bone cancers, victims may seek compensation one year or more after 9/11 if they were present near Ground Zero between September 11, 2001, and May 31, 2002.

911 compensation fund lawsuitIndividuals that are eligible for monetary compensation are first responders at the site of the terrorist attacks, including firefighters, police, emergency medical personnel, city and construction workers, utility workers and cleaners, and any local volunteers and out-of-state responders. In addition, employees, residents, and students below Canal Street in Lower Manhattan during the 9/11 terrorist attacks may also be eligible for compensation.

If a 9/11 responder passed away as a result of a Covid-related illness, immediate family members may generally apply for monetary aid via this fund for victims. It’s also important to note that many of those living, working, and studying in Lower Manhattan at the time of 9/11 are now over 55 years old and therefore more vulnerable to infection from Covid, especially those diagnosed with respiratory and digestive diseases.

It has been established that victims with 9/11-related illnesses who then pass away from Covid are generally eligible for wrongful death compensation under the Victims Compensation Fund. Additionally, family members of 9/11 responders that die under these circumstances during the pandemic have utilized the monetary compensation for medical costs and funeral expenses.

911 compensation fund lawsuitThe funding from the Victims Compensation Fund is tax-free as it is considered compensation for pain and suffering, as well as lost wages and medical costs. The benefits paid directly to spouses and dependents of victims are similarly tax-free funds.

Awards are calculated on an individual basis, with $250,000 paid for non-economic losses as a result of the victim’s death due to the 9/11 attacks and $100,000 for immediate family members.

If it is determined that the victim suffered from multiple forms of cancer, there may be compensation above $250,000. However, the maximum compensation for a non-cancer condition is $90,000. The payment of these awards is generally made at the discretion of the special master of the Victims Compensation Fund.

It’s imperative that individuals with a recent cancer diagnosis immediately file a claim with the 9/11 fund. As the fund is backlogged, and help is awarded on the timeliness of the filing of claims, victims and family members may be faced with considerable delays unless they act promptly.

Most importantly, individuals affected by 9/11must recognize the growing number of cases and the resultant complexity of the awards process. Therefore, victims will benefit significantly from the legal expertise of attorneys in this field of compensation.

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