Truck Accidents

A commercial truck accident is far more dangerous than a regular traffic accident due to the weight and velocity of a commercial truck. A large commercial truck may cause devastating damage to another car, and the driver of the ctruckar may be injured. This article explains how a commercial truck accident must be handled by an insurance company after the fact.

#1: Commercial Trucks Are Owned By A Large Corporation

A large commercial truck is owned by a company that is capable of paying damages to a driver in the event of an accident. The driver must ensure they file a claim with with the freight company, and the claim will pay more than an insurance company. The driver’s insurance may approach the company that owns the truck, and payment may be rendered from both parties. Handling auto repairs, auto loss and medical expenses is quite expensive, and the driver must request funding from the proper sources before they close the case.

#2: How Does A Lawyer File Suit?

A lawyer will file suit against the company managing the truck for damages, and the damages are determined by a strict formula created by lawyers to file claims in cases of this type. The lawyer will manage the case with information collected from their client, and the client will see their case make progress over a few weeks. Negotiating with a large corporation over damages from a commercial truck accident may be quite stressful, but a lawyer is trained to create contracts that will close the case.

#3: How Long Before The Case Is Closed?

The case is closed when the lawyer extracts payment from the corporation. There are large settlements coming to drivers who prefer to fight for their rights, and the lawyer will take the case as far as the client wishes to go. The client may request a court date if they believe a judge will rule in their favor, and the client may ask their lawyer for a quick settlement so that cash may be earned instantly.

#4: How Does The Lawyer Receive Payment?

Lawyers are paid from the settlement funds received by the client. The client pays a percentage to the lawyer for their time, and the lawyer will move to another case. Clients are not expected to pay from their own pocket, and clients will receive a letter of settlement with the lawyer once the case is closed. Both sides must go on after the case is over, and closing the case becomes quite simple once payment is dispersed.

Commercial truck accidents cause damage that is often difficult to measure. Someone who was injured will receive payment for their medical bills, and the lawyer will follow the case until it reaches its conclusion in or out of court. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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