Burn Injuries

burn injury lawyerWhile the majority of burn injuries are minor, and most victims will survive the burn injury, they can be one of the worst types of injuries to experience.

An injury from a serious burn can cause disabilities that may stay with the victim for their whole life.

Severe burn injuries are known to affect people both physically and mentally, with around 40,000 Americans a year being admitted to the hospital for burn injuries alone.

If you or a loved one are suffering from a traumatic burn injury, an expert burn injury attorney can help guide you through the process of a lawsuit in order to receive the claim you need.

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Results of Burns

Burn injuries are common, and can happen in a wide variety of cases. There are several levels of burns, going from first-degree to fourth degree.

First degree burns can heal relatively quickly, but any of the higher levels can bring severe levels of pain, and sometimes can disable the victim.

The more intense burn injuries normally occur from events like:

    • Motorcycle Accidents
    • Dangerous Products
    • Work Accidents
    • Truck Accidents
    • Car Accidents

The list does not end there. Those who suffer from a serious burn injury may have to pay extensive medical bills, both for treating the burn injury and whatever physical therapy, counseling, and at home care services may be required afterwards.

burn-injury-lawsuitMany burn injuries normally occur due to somebody else’s negligence.

Burn injuries that occur due to work accidents sometimes may not be covered by a workers’ compensation claim, and even with that claim going through, sometimes the victim is left in a worse position.

You should not have to suffer due to another person’s mistake, and a burn injury lawyer who is well read on insurance law can provide the financial compensation you deserve.

Investigate Your Case

A great burn injury lawyer will understand the pain you or your loved one are suffering, and will go to great lengths to investigate medical records, communicated with safety inspectors and accident investigators to determine the cause of the burn injury, as well as gather all the evidence relevant to the accident.

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