Railroad Crossing Injuries and FELA

Railroad Crossing Injuries and FELA

An on-the-job injury of any type is unfortunate, and injuries in the railroad industry are no different. Employees injured on their job at the railroad, however, do have FELA on their side.

How does FELA help?

FELA, or the Federal Employer’s Liability Act, is a law that protects railroad workers if they are injured on the job. It is easier to prove liability through FELA standards, and employees have the right to sue their employer. Of course, they must prove that the accident was due to some sort of negligence to win their case, but this is not as difficult as it may seem. FELA also covers injuries at railroad crossings.

Over the years, the railroad law has grown stronger and stronger. Through FELA, a worker can file for not only lost wages, but pain and suffering, individual loss and loss of enjoying life. Typical injury laws don’t cover all of these things, which is what makes FELA different.

How can an expert help?

If a person is injured at a railroad crossing or on a railroad job, an expert who is knowledgeable and understands every aspect of FELA can help tremendously. A good attorney knows how to handle these types of cases and will discuss in detail all of the options that are available. The person then decides which route they want to go, and the attorney sets the wheels in motion to get them compensated for everything they deserve.

Claims from railroad injury are being successfully handled and settled in Ohio quite frequently. An expert FELA Ohio attorney knows the individuals right’s and the railroad’s responsibility to keep that individual safe while they are working. They understand the loss the person and their family suffers, and fight to get back all they lost and more. Pain and suffering can go on for many years after a terrible accident, and the attorney helps to ease that burden a bit.


Railroad accidents are unfortunate, but they do happen more often than most people think. If you or someone you know has had this unfortunate experience, call an experienced FELA attorney right away, and let them get started on the case. The suffering shouldn’t have to go on. Make the call, and rest a little easier knowing the right person is on your side.

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