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painkillersThe opioid drug epidemic continues to run rampant across the United States. More than 23 million people in the world have addiction problems, and a large portion of them are that way because of opioid drugs they didn’t need. We help such people and groups of people by connecting with an opioid lawsuit attorney to collect funds for hospital expenses, rehabilitation bills, and lost work wages.

The Problem With Opioids

Many physicians prescribe opioids to people initially for legitimate reasons. Back injuries, broken bones, extreme cramps and migraine headaches are legitimate ailments that receive opioid use. Dentists sometimes assign them after someone gets a painful tooth extraction like a wisdom tooth removal. The problem arises when caretakers refill these orders numerous times and eventually start prescribing bulk orders. Some of the most commonly prescribed drugs are oxycodone, methadone, codeine, and hydrocodone.

The Culprits of Negligence

Many hands are dirty in this cross-country epidemic. The physician who orders an opiate knowing that the patient either has an addiction or has an ill intent is guilty of negligence. The distributors and pharmaceutical companies are guilty of neglect as well because their obligation goes even deeper than that of the individual physician.

A drug distributor is responsible for reporting opioid orders that are suspicious in size, frequency and nature. Many of these distributors fail to do so. Large pharmaceutical companies are neglecting patients and fueling the epidemic by promoting these drugs as “safe” options when their highly addictive characteristics are well known.

Although it may initially be used as a medication, it can easily become an addiction. Patients will then continue to visit particular physicians in effort to feed their uncontrollable habit This is dangerously common and continues to claim the lives of many Americans today. An experienced opioid lawsuit attorney can help the afflicted seek compensation for their result ing conditions.

The overprescription of opioids is a common occurrence and should be approached with the urgency of any other personal injury case. After Personal Injury can pair you with an opioid lawsuit accident attorney in your area who can review the facts of the case and pursue legal action on your behalf. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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