Mudslide Liability Lawyer

Find Lawyer for mudslide lawsuitMudslides are not a common occurrence. Many of them do not lead to deaths and injury, perhaps the worst they do is close off the road and cause heavy traffic. However, deadly mudslides do happen. Such an event happened back in 2014, when the Oso mudslide led to the deaths of over 20 people and damaged over 50 homes. While it may seem that mudslides are an inevitable part of nature, they can be prevented and avoided if conditions do not allow for prevention. When you or someone you know has suffered injuries due to a mudslide, you may be eligible for damages.

Determining Mudslide Risk

Appropriate city and federal inspections can properly lead to determining if an area of land is susceptible to a mudslide. While most mudslides are a result of torrential rains, human factors such as poor road maintenance, poorly designed drains, and failure to address areas known to be at high-risk for mudslides can lead to liability for mudslide damages. In the previously mentioned Oso mudslide, the city faces lawsuits due to not properly informing residents of the warning signs present years before the actual mudslide.

Mudslide Insurance

Damage from mudslides includes medical bills, lost wages, and paying to rebuild entire properties. Insurance usually does not cover mudslides, the only exception being if the mud was carried over by a river, then it may count as flood damage. Otherwise, it is unlikely for the coverage to handle these cases, and what mudslide insurance there is tends to be more expensive than average.

Mudslide Liability Lawyer

Mudslide litigation is more complex than a typical personal injury claim. Usually, the responsible party is at the state or federal level. When seeking compensation for the preventable injuries you experienced from a mudslide, you need an attorney with a keen understanding of how inspections for mudslide risk and laws are carried out. Contact After Personal Injury today to connect with an attorney who specializes in mudslide cases who understands the unique factors for your personal injury claim. Legal representation can help you received the payment you need to recover and can hold the responsible parties accountable for their negligence.

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