Pharmaceutical Litigation

Pharmaceutical Liability Litigations

When a pharmaceutical company releases a drug or medical device to the public, if it has not been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), it may not be safe for consumption or use. Even if the FDA has approved it, a lawsuit is still applicable if a person comes to harm due to the drug or device.

Many attorneys in the United States, including Ohio, are taking on cases every day and successfully winning for their clients. There are high profile cases that are being represented like Risperdal, Xarelto and Actos. Attorneys are also representing Depuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement and Testosterone Therapy.

A knowledgeable, experienced attorney will have empathy and compassion for their clients. They want to achieve the fullest amount under the law that is allowed because the pain and suffering the clients go through affect so many in their lives. Children have to watch their parents suffer, and some don’t have their parents taking care of them due to the negligence of the pharmaceutical companies. For example, the dangerous drug Fosamax is prescribed for osteoporosis, but this medication has also been linked to causing fractures of the femur. This can cause a parent to be immobile for some time. Other cases being represented are:

  • Abilify and compulsive gambling
  • Actos bladder cancer
  • Talc powder

There are also cases against medical devices such as the transvaginal mesh and the Da Vinci Surgical Robot. Attorneys in Ohio have not only picked up on pharmaceutical and medical device cases but whistleblower and fraud suits, as well.

For more information on harmful pharmaceuticals, check out the FDA recall page here. If you find yourself in a situation where you have suffered mental or physical pain and anguish due to a prescribed medication or a medical device, you need an expert attorney to handle your case. They know every aspect of these cases and possibly will already have a case on the medication or device. These attorneys will seek to get you every bit of the compensation you and your family deserve. There is no need to suffer any longer. Give them a call today, and breath freely again.

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