Earthquake Accidents

Depending on where you live, earthquakes may be a part of your daily life. While many earthquakes are benign enough that they don’t do any damage, when they occur at a high magnitude, the consequences can be dire. Intense earthquakes are infamous for causing immense destruction that causes widespread property damage, endangering lives. Entire towns have been destroyed and need to be rebuilt from the ground up. When you are inside of a building that was not properly constructed for earthquakes, countless types of injury can occur to you and your family.

Aftermath of an Earthquake

After experiencing earthquake damages, you may have to pay your home’s reconstruction, pay medical fees for any resulting injuries, and pay for a place to stay. Your insurance company should sufficiently compensate you so that you can continue your daily life. That may not always be the case. Insurance companies and those who represent them are not always going to stand for the rights of an insurance policyholder. When the business that is supposed to protect you is not fulfilling their purpose, an insurance claim attorney can help you take legal action and receive the financial help you deserve.

False Information

It may also be the case that you were told your home was properly inspected and prepared for earthquakes, only to find out their assurances were false. Perhaps you may not have been informed by the real estate agent or the city that the area is susceptible to earthquakes even though they knew. Not sharing this information with you may hold them liable for the damages you experienced from the earthquake. You have a right as a homeowner to know what risks are inherent to the property you are planning to buy, or about any possible upcoming risks.

Take Action

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