Birth Defects & Birth Injuries

birth defects lawyerFor many parents, the day their child is born is the happiest day of their lives. Thanks to advances in medical knowledge and technology, many childbirths go through without any issues. Unfortunately, there are still cases where babies experience injury during the delivery. The danger of birth defects – a fetus is negatively affected before birth – is also a concern for expecting parents. Within both situations, the parents and child are under a legal right to pursue claims for damages.

A birth defect or birth injury attorney can help the involved parties receive compensation for the injuries.

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Birth Injuries

Birth injuries normally happen to a baby when there is a problem during the delivery process. It can occur due to improper medical techniques from the obstetrician (a doctor who specializes in childbirth), or from a medical device being used the wrong way.

Common birth injuries include:

    • Bruising or forceps marks
    • Facial paralysis
    • Fractures
    • Cephalohematoma
    • Subconjunctival hemorrhage
    • Brachial palsy
    • Head injuries

Birth Defects

Birth defects typically occur before birth, due to something happening during or before the mother’s pregnancy. Instances of birth defects are found for 1 in 33 babies delivered a year in the United States according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

birth-injury-attorneyThese issues can be caused by several factors. Usually they are from a drug or substance the mother took. Environment and heredity may also cause birth defects as well.

Teratogen is the catch-all phrase used for chemicals that negatively affect a fetus. Teratogens are typically identified as drugs, such as Bendectin, Paxil, and Delalutin.

Receiving Your Claim

Whether you have experienced damages from a birth defect or birth injury, you have a right to pursue a lawsuit.

Sometimes, the medical workers did not take proper care of you when you were in labor, or you were being wrongly advised during your pregnancy. In order to find a medical professional at fault, you will need the testimony of another medical worker that can state why you are eligible for claims.

A medical lawyer can help you work towards the compensation you are looking for, finding leads that will provide qualified testimonies for your birth defect or birth injury lawsuit.

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