Portable Gas Can Explosions

hand holding gas canWhen people need to carry gas from place to place, many of them will use the familiar bright red plastic gas cans. While these cans are designed to be reliable, some of them are vulnerable to defects that cause explosions possibly leading to injuries, burns, and death. When an explosion from a gas can leads to a serious injury, you have the right to file claims against the manufacturer for their defective product. A gas can explosion attorney can help you receive the compensation that you are looking for.

There are several defects a portable gas container can have. The most common are listed below.

Lack of a Flame Arrestor

A flame arrestor is a small metal device that forces flames out of a gas can through a narrow channel. This channel blocks the flame from igniting any remaining gas within the can, which can help prevent an explosion. Flame arrestors are cheap for manufacturers. Many do not include them, putting consumers at risk.

No Child Resistant Caps

The same way a prescription bottle has a child resistant cap, gas cans should come with their own as well. These caps can help save lives by preventing children from playing with the gas can, trying to swallow the gasoline, or spreading gas in dangerous areas. Child resistant caps are even cheaper than flame arrestors, costing pennies, but their absence from a portable gas can heightens the risk of an explosion.

Missing Warnings

Strongly worded warnings and safety instructions on the gas cans such as how to carry them, where it is unsafe to use them, and how gas affects you, could have saved the lives of many by preventing gas can explosions. However, in many portable gas cans these warnings are missing. People may sometimes not know about the dangers inherent with carrying gas around. By not properly informing the consumer, portable gas can explosions become more likely thanks to the manufacturer’s negligence.

A product liability lawyer can help place responsibility on manufacturers when that company’s negligence results in injury or death. When you or someone you know has experienced injury because of a gas can explosion, contact After Personal Injury to connect with a lawyer that understands your rights, needs, and goals.

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