california child victim act lawyer

California Child Victims Act – Justice For Survivor

What Is The California Child Victim Act? Child sexual abuse is a rampant social disease. New legislation like the California Child Victim Act has been enacted in many states to combat these tragic injustices which affect the most vulnerable in our communities. Restrictions in statutes of limitation have historically made it difficult to achieve criminal … Read More

report thacher schoold abuse lawyer

Thacher School In Ojai Acknowledges Decades of Sex Abuse Allegations

The exclusive Thacher School in Ojai has disclosed decades of allegations of sexual misconduct The Thacher School is an elite boarding school in Ojai, California. It has just over 250 students and costs nearly $65,000 a year to attend. Recently, the school admitted that there had been multiple and extensive allegations of sexual abuse by … Read More

Thacher Boarding School Sex Abuse

Thacher Boarding School Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Thacher School Reveals Decades Of Sex Abuse The Thacher School, an elite private school in California, recently released a 91-page report concerning years of allegations of sexual misconduct by faculty members perpetrated against students. Grades nine through twelve attend the boarding school in Ojai, a small city in Ventura County. The lengthy, graphic report was … Read More

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