Water Park Accidents

Water Park Accidents

Visitors at water parks assume that they’re provided with exceptional safety, especially when cooling off on an exciting ride. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that theme parks in general are to blame for frequent injuries and fatalities. Patrons eagerly wait in line to go down a water slide without understanding that they are risking an accident. Real information and statistics aren’t easy to find, but you owe it to yourself and your family to do the research.

Unregulated Ride Safety

Rides that are permanently fixed at a location aren’t subject to the strenuous safety checks that visitors expect. The Consumer Product Safety Commission only has control over the mobile rides that are featured in carnivals or county fairs. This means that there is major a lack of safety enforcement regarding the rides featured in major amusement parks. Without federal regulation, there was roughly a 25 percent increase in injuries from 1997 to 2004. The number of visitors only increased 9 percent within this time, leading the CPSC to conclude that the issue boils down to a lack of safety.

Around 80 million people visit water parks in the United States each year, yet the highly-profitable industry doesn’t prioritize patron safety. Visiting families could experience an unexpected tragedy that could’ve been prevented with improved safety regulations and information regarding potential risks.

Rides At Water Parks

  • Wave Pool
  • Lazy River
  • Slides
  • Tube Rides

Common Waterpark Accident Causes

  • Lack of Maintenance
  • Inattentive Lifeguards
  • Unenforced Weight/Height Limits
  • Improper Signage

Injuries and death can occur easily on a ride if staff fail to direct patrons appropriately. The water flow on a slide can push a rider into a deep pool before they take a proper breath, or a poor swimmer may not realize that they’re entering an unsafe depth. Ride operators have to time each guest correctly to ensure that they don’t collide, and they may not turn away a guest that doesn’t fit the minimum ride requirements. One moment of safety neglect in a water park can cause a visitor to end up with an injury, or even death.

Unpredictable conditions and false security at any amusement park has the potential to result in an accident. A mild wave pool isn’t necessarily a smaller risk than an intense, high-speed water slide if the overall conditions aren’t safe. Consumer safety truly relies on spreading awareness and putting pressure on the water park industry to improve their safety.

If you have been injured at a water park, there are several parties that may be liable for your injury. Call our network of dedicated personal injury attorneys to discuss your case. Water park accident attorneys are available by calling 1-888-8989. Remember, the sooner you call the sooner you receive the compensation you need.

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