Vineyard Accidents

Family in VineyardVineyards can be beautiful places to visit. Here, you can find various grapes growing to be crushed into fine wine. Visiting vineyards is becoming increasingly popular, but it is not rare for someone to suffer injuries during their visit. Vineyards have a reputation of being uneven and often on steep hills, which can make the terrain very hard to navigate. This can easily lead to a slip-and-fall accident that can leave you in a heap of pain and out of work. We urge that you immediately seek necessary medical attention, then contact us to get in touch with a vineyard accident lawyer near you.

Common Vineyard Accidents and Injuries

Vineyards have long hosted tours for interested visitors. These tours allow visitors to enter the fields and get a close-up look and feel of the growing grapes. While these visits can be very joyful, there are many hazards that lie in the fields. There are usually elaborate irrigation systems that can be below or above ground, uneven terrain, and multiple vehicles and machinery that populate the field.

Many owners are aware that the tricky terrain can lead to the occasional sprained ankle. To protect themselves from potential lawsuits, they have all visitors sign liability waivers. In this occasion, the landowner waives all responsibility for any injuries you may sustain during your visit.

It is often forgotten that vineyards are active farms. Many vineyards do not stop farming when a tour is taking place, which has the potential of causing serious injuries. Along with the various farming equipment, there are ATVs and small pickup trucks that regularly survey the area and transport materials. It is not rare for an individual to be struck by one of these powerful vehicles, leaving the afflicted seriously injured. Injuries associated with being struck by farm vehicles include:

  • Broken legs
  • Internal injuries
  • Back Injuries

If you or someone you know has ever suffered an injury at a vineyard, you may have a strong case. After Personal Injury can get you in contact with a personal injury lawyer in your area that can help you maximize compensation for your suffering. Give us a call at (1) 888-854-8989 or visit us online for a free case evaluation.

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