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Scooters are frequently sold to people who are unaware of how to properly operate them. This forces individuals to go through a trial and error period as they learn how to safely commute on a scooter. The people who do this put themselves and all other commuters at risk of suffering traumatic injuries.

Scooter Accidents

During a scooter accident, the driver and passenger often sustain serious injuries. Often times, the driver is unable to keep the bike upright and his legs get pinned, making it impossible to move. Riders often learn a painful lesson. Severe impact can cause the driver to slide along the pavement into traffic. Whether the driver is wearing a helmet or not, the chances of the accident turning fatal are high. Scooter drivers must adhere to all traffic and speeding laws.

Avoiding Accidents

Statistics show that the primary cause of scooter accidents is when an automobile turns in front of the scooter. This normally occurs in congested intersections where the car driver may not see the scooter. Cover your scooter with reflectors so that it will be easier to see and avoid during the night. While inclement weather may cause the stick-ons to fall off, drivers can add epoxy glue and a stir stick to help the stick-ons last a bit longer. Remember, a large majority of scooter accidents occur at night. Try to wear bright clothing to help drivers notice the scooter.

Scooter turn signal lights are also important to the driver’s safety. The signal lights help other drivers be aware of the scooter’s movements at all times.


Tailgating frequently happens to scooters. Scooters do not have the horsepower that cars do which limits them to travel slower than cars. Many car drivers tailgate to pressure the scooter driver into driving faster, increasing the possibility of a road rage accident. Take a safety course before operating the scooter and remember that the best way to avoid serious injury is by driving defensively.

If you are injured in a scooter accident, it is important that you get your injuries assessed immediately by a medical professional. Then, get in contact with After Personal Injury. We have the resources to get you in touch with a qualified personal injury attorney that can help you seek compensation for your injuries.

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