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Nexium and Prilosec are the subject of multiple lawsuits involving side effects, and the patients who were prescribed the medications may have been offered something different if their medical histories were reviewed first. This article is the story of how a shutterstock_346244726patient may file a suit against the manufacturer, and they must hire a lawyer who will handle the case based on their experience, expertise and knowledge of the pharmaceutical claims industry.

#1: Hiring A Lawyer After Side Effects Appear

Side effects are not predictable in the slightest, and they may appear at any time. The side effects felt by the patient will send them to the doctor, and they must appear at the doctor shortly after to receive a report on their treatment. Treatment for side effects is proof of an issue that may be reported, and the patient may select a lawyer to represent them for their case.

#2: What Does The Lawyer Do?

The lawyer collects information for the case, and they use their evidence to build a case they may present to the drug company or a court. Evidence is required if the patient wishes to receive compensation for their pain and suffering, and their lawyer will offer advice on the amount of evidence collected, the veracity of that evidence and the case that may be created using said evidence.

#3: How Long Will Cases Take To Litigate?

Litigating a case in a settlement negotiation or courtroom may take quite a lot of time, especially pharmaceutical litigation cases. The case must be heard on both sides, and the cash award for the patient is determined only after all documents and testimony are seen. The patient must allow their lawyer sufficient time to litigate their case, and the lawyer will do the majority of the work on behalf of the client.

#4: May Families File Lawsuits?

Families may file lawsuits for the estate of a deceased loved one. Someone who has died because of the carelessness of a drug company may not be alive to fight, but their family may hire a lawyer who will file suit. The award for the case is given to the estate of the deceased patient, and the lawyer must create a trust to manage the funds. The family receives vindication, and the court is made aware of yet another patient who may have been killed by a faulty medication.

The finest lawyers in the industry are battling drug companies every day, and they are standing in court and meeting rooms for their clients. Clients are to stand by while their lawyers manage the case, and the court or the guilty party will determine how much money is paid to close the case. Patients harmed by Prilosec and Nexium have rights that must be upheld through lawsuits for pain and suffering. If you or a loved one been affected by Prilosec and Nexium, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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