Flooding Injuries

Flooding in your home has many consequences. It can destroy your furniture and utilities, reduce your house’s resale value, and can cause injuries to you or your family. When you experience a flood, you are required to report the incident before selling. Many floodings are a result of misinformed homeowners not being told the potential risks of their purchase before investing in the property. This negligence puts your health in danger. If you believe the flooding may have been due to poor construction, negligence, or faulty design, you may be eligible for compensation.

Determining Cause

Sometimes a flood is a natural event. All too often, however, it could have been prevented by better planning, or foresight from engineers and developers who are trained to recognize flooding risk in a residential area. Sometimes the flooding may have occurred due to poor plumbing, something that can’t be noticed by a typical homeowner but should be all too obvious for any construction professional. When the negligence of these professionals leads to a severe drop in your property appraisal, a flooding attorney can help you find payment through a claim.

When determining the cause of your flood, much like for a car accident, you should take as many photos as possible of the event. Fresh pictures of the flooding can help legal experts analyze how the flooding occurred and how to approach your case. Documentation of what you lost and how you were injured from the flooding can also help a flooding lawyer determine what damage repayment you should aim for when filing your lawsuit.


Though many homeowners in known flooding areas are required to have some homeowners insurance, the same insurance usually does not cover flooding. Even then, what often occurs is that the insurance company does not pay out as much as it should. Beyond resale value, expensive furniture can be forever ruined by water damage, and electrical utilities may cause electrical surges so intense that they may turn deadly. Debris in the water can also cause serious cuts and bruises when forced to navigate through the flooded area. The combination of medical bills, buying new items for your home, and hotel bills while waiting for your house to become habitable, can combine into an overwhelming amount of payment.

Do not let your insurance company brush you away with a small amount of coverage that would barely pay for your damaged home, much less the injuries you sustained. With the assistance of a flooding lawyer, file a claim to help recover from damages. Contact After Personal Injury today to connect with an expert attorney.

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