Cruise Ship Accidents

When you work as a crew member or are a passenger on a cruise ship, you need to understand the unique laws that apply to you if you find yourself injured.

cruise-ship-accident-lawyerExclusive state, federal, and international laws surround any claims made for injuries or death of a loved one when at sea. You also need to know that your timeline is more strict than other personal injury claims, with a statute of limitations that lasts for only one year.

These initial legal complications also have to address any international or foreign laws that may apply to your case, depending on where and when your injury occurred.

A maritime injury attorney can help you navigate this complex legal network so you can acquire the compensation you deserve.

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Injury Causes

Due to the variety of activities on a cruise ship, a passenger or crew member may sustain many kinds of injuries. Some of these injuries come from events that include but are not limited to:

    • Slip and fall accidents
    • Rape or sexual assault
    • Tender boat accidents
    • Passenger accidents
    • Criminal acts by crew members
    • Attacks by passengers or crew

Some of the injuries you may sustain on a cruise ship may not develop obvious symptoms until several months after the event.

Many passengers do not know that companies have them sign contract provisions while obtaining passenger tickets, limiting the time available to file a lawsuit.

Passengers usually need to provide a written notice that they plan to file a claim.

The Next Steps

If you believe you have been injured during a cruise, you need to take action as soon as possible.

You should report the accident to any security officers assigned to the ship, send your written notice, and acquire the names of any personnel who asked you to fill out the appropriate documents. If any other passengers or crew members were present at the time of the accident, obtain their names and any written statements.

After treating your injuries, contact a maritime lawyer who can help you understand the next steps to take.

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