Carnival Ride Accidents

Carnival Ride Accidents

Carnivals are very popular attractions where many people mingle. They are commonly seen as a place where you can unwind with friends and family and have fun. However, sometimes there are unfortunate accidents which can result in permanent injury, and in more serious cases, death. Carnival rides in particular are known to occasionally not be safe to ride. There have been wrongful death lawsuits filed against carnivals, alleging that accidents caused death. Common injuries that occur on carnival rides include whiplash, neck injuries, broken bones, and heart attacks. Carnival goers, employees, and workers can all be eligible to file a claim if they suffered an injury on a carnival ride.

Carnival ride accidents can happen at any carnival, even the big ones that are more professionally managed. People who own and operate carnivals are legally responsible for making sure that visitors are safe at all times, particularly when engaging in the rides. The property and its attractions should be safe and properly maintained. All carnival rides require regular safety inspections. If someone is injured and the injury could have been prevented, the injured person can sue the carnival. Based on the circumstances of the injury, the responsibility for the injury could be held against the owner of the carnival, the designer, the ride’s operator, or even whoever manufactured the equipment.

Carnival Ride Accident Injuries

On average, there are 1,000 ride related injuries in the United States every year. Injuries from carnival rides vary in terms of severity. Many carnival rides have electrical wiring on the ground, which people can trip over. Other times, people have stepped in the wrong spot and received an electrical shock or burn. Another common factor in injuries is that the rides are put up and taken down regularly, which means that they may not be properly set up all the time, and there may also be wear and tear on the machinery, which can cause possible ride malfunctions and injury.

Workers At Risk

Employees of the carnival are usually outsourced workers who look after the grounds or control the rides. Contracted workers are vulnerable to injury and even death while working. They may not have workers’ compensation coverage. Outsourced workers who are injured are eligible to file a lawsuit if they can prove negligence. Carnival owners are responsible for making sure that employees have a safe working environment.

If you have been injured on a carnival ride, there are several possibilities for who you can sue and how much compensation you are entitled to. The first step is to call our dedicated personal injury attorneys who handle carnival ride accidents. Call 1-888-8989 for a free legal consultation.

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