Childcare Injuries

No one wants to imagine a scenario where their child is seriously hurt in a day care facility. But unfortunately, this is a reality for a lot of families that deal with injuries that may be minor, to ones that result in death. If this occurs, it is imperative that the justice system provides compensation, along with accountability, for these accidents.

Watch for Small Errors

It’s a sad reality that even the smallest of lapses can result in a fatality. In 2011, a small child died after obtaining a pushpin on his way to the restroom unsupervised, swallowing it and choking to death. While the childcare facility was cited for failing to watch the child properly and allowing him access to something that can be choked on, they were only fined $150. However, civil laws do exist for surviving family members to claim real damages for such a terrible tragedy.

Protect the Children

Kids are the most vulnerable of anyone, and it is this reason that day care workers have to be on their toes at all times to keep their charges safe. The most common cause of accidents and injuries in a daycare stems from lack of supervision. This occurs many times because the facility is understaffed, and does not have the proper ratio of adults to children. This is when children get hurt the most.

Watch for Signs Pointing Towards Negligence

There are times when daycare problems and negligence is not reported until it is already too late. Remember, both state and federal laws are in place to ensure that there are standards that day care facilities must follow. For starters, day care personnel must remove all known dangers in their facility. They must also keep appropriate caregiving items on hand in the event of an emergency.

Every daycare needs to provide:

• Correct caregiver to child ratio
• First Aid Kits
• Safety Standards
• Adequate portions of food, as well as access to clean water
• Adequate restroom facilities
• Safety measures to keep children from departing the facility without authorization
• Policies that forbid all forms of abuse, to include mental, sexual, and physical

Unfortunately, accidents and negligence happens. For those whose loved ones have been hurt during their stay at a daycare, a personal injury lawyer will help the family understand what laws will apply to their case. In many instances, monetary compensation may be given to the families or the victim because of damages occurring within a daycare facility. Contact a lawyer immediately after experiencing daycare negligence.

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